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What Do Happy Carers Do?

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Here at the Happy Carers website we will help to enlighten you to the differences between Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

 It will make your life easier when it comes to learning how to cope with your family member as they take this difficult journey.

Happy Carers also provide an Interactive Sitting Service for your loved ones, and help to keep them stimulated and engaged.

There are many products and Dementia Aids available to purchase here as well, to make daily living easier for all concerned.

Helpful Aids
To Make Your Life Easier

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We work closely together with a wonderful Company that produces amazing products and services for Dementia and Memory loss.

What Do Happy Carers Customers Say

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Thank you for stepping in to care for Mum just when it was needed and for organising everything to run so smoothly.


The Greens


Thank you so much for caring for Mum under very difficult circumstances. Your tenderness and caring for her in her final weeks is much appreciated.

Also a big thank you for caring so much about the emotional state of the family around you at this time. You are a very special person. Please keep in touch.


Tracey-Marie and family