Margot Happy Carers

Hi I'm Margot,  founder of Happy Carers.

First of all, my love for the elderly has always been in my heart.  Perhaps because my parents were that much older when they adopted me.

Six years ago I became a community home carer, visiting all my old souls in their own environment. With that my passion for them has grown over the years, with me feeling encouraged to do more and more to make their daily living easier and more interesting for them.

I am getting older now (a young 62 year old), and as a result I am finding the physical aspect of my work a bit daunting and have decided to concentrate on the subject of Alzheimer and Dementia, by providing Interactive Sitting and Counselling For Dementia

level 4 diploma

I am a qualified Level 4 Counsellor (see counselling services), and consequently this has been a huge help in understanding peoples different thoughts and ideas about life. 

As I have found the best way to handle the repetitive conversation that comes from those diagnosed with Alzheimers/Dementia is not to interrupt them and always agree with what they saying. 


Patience is key when it comes to looking after the elderly and fortunately I have heaps of this.

My goal is to spend more time with folks that are experiencing this disease and work towards understanding their situation in more depth.

Over the years I have concentrated on counselling for dementia, with both relatives and the elderly.