Articles For Dementia Sufferers And Relatives

Firstly, the main focus of my website and interactive sitting services is to help people, and their relative who suffer from the various stages a dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

As a result these conditions can be a tormenting time for both the sufferer and relatives alike, therefore making both lives a challenge, to say the least!

Below Are Some Of My Recent
Articles For Dementia Sufferers And Relatives


Happy Carer

Finally, knowing what you can do to help someone with dementia is a vital part of your own, personal support system.

Many relatives struggle to get to terms with the condition, and as result the carers becomes fatigued and unable to give compassionate help and support to their loved ones.

Therefore I have written these  Articles For Dementia Sufferers And Relatives as a backup for you, which, hopefully you will find helpful.

Happy Caring, Margot.

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