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 Not An Easy Subject To Discuss

It affects all of us in every aspect of our lives: emotional, spiritual and physical.  First of all it’s a natural and painful process of grieving that follows the loss of a loved one.
Furthermore, how we deal with it, recover and heal is unique to each individual. It takes time to heal.

This is where I come into the picture. 

 I can help you to cope with your loss and start adjusting to the changes in your future. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a plan for us to work together to identify the appropriate approach to your personal counselling.

I am here to recognise and support you through all your difficulties dealing with your bereavement. 
These will be influenced by your personality, as well as family and close support networks, your surroundings and religious beliefs.

Struggling to cope with bereavement will cause you to feel more stressed. Together with this you might  experience stress related illnesses and struggle to sleep.
This is perfectly normal, I understand and I can help you.

Happy Caring, Margot.