Dementia Aids Personal Alarm and GPS Tracker

Dementia Aids
Personal Alarm And GPS Tracker

Keeps your loved ones stimulated and engaged

How does it work?

Simply attach the tracker to their key ring, pendant, wallet or purse.

Then if you want to know where the person you care about has gone, simply text Loc to their tracker phone number.

You will be sent a google map link with their location.

£124.99 incl. VAT

Personal GPS With Tracker:  Buy Here

Activities included in this pack:

Key Features

1. Personal alarm with two-way calling

Talk to your emergency contacts just by pressing the SOS alarm button. Your family and friends can also call you anytime (the tracker has its own phone number). Useful for emergencies or if your mobile runs out of battery.

2. GPS tracking and location alerts

For reassurance, family and friends can monitor your location and set-up specific location alerts.

3. Fall detection

If you fall, the motion sensor can trigger an alert to your emergency contacts.

4. Discreet, stylish and easy to use

Easy to set-up and use. SIM card included along with £2 credit to get you up and running.

£124.99 incl. VAT

Personal GPS With Tracker:  Buy Here

A GPS Tracker is an absolute 'must have' for anyone with memory loss or dementia.
It will give you peace of mind knowing you have the ability to find your loved ones should anything happen and they wander off.

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Happy Caring, Margot.

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