Exercising To Increase Strength And Reduce Falls In Older People

Why Exercising is so Important to
 increase strength and reduce falls

I aim to include exercises during my interactive sitting service to enable my golden oldies to increase their strength and reduce falls. It’s important for them to maintain their independence where possible and is less frustrating for them if they can.

They will only be simple exercises which I will access according to their personal ability. (These will be done at their own risk of course).

The pace will be slow and well within their capability. At no time will they be made to feel vulnerable and can use their walker or walking stick, or even stay in their wheel chair if they have to.

Here's some examples of NHS exercises to give you an idea:


· Chest stretch
· Upper-body twist
· Hip marching
· Ankle stretch
· Arm raises


· Sideways walking
· Simple grapevine
· Heel to toe walk
· One leg stand
· Step up


· Sit to stand
· Mini squats
· Calf raises
· Sideways leg lift
· Leg extension
· Wall press up
· Bicep curls


· Neck rotation
· Neck stretch
· Sideways bend

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