Safety In The Home Of An Elderly Person

How to help an elderly person stay safe in the home

This article will cover general safety in the home of an elderly person, especially if they have Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

 Always ensure:

  • Secure or remove valuable items as the elderly often forget where they have placed such items.
  • Money: i.e. purse or wallet is always visible to the person for their peace of mind.
  • That their furniture is arranged in such a way that makes it safe for them to move about i.e. clear pathways with the required hand rails etc.
  • Bathroom has non-slip flooring or mats.
  • Remove floor rugs if they can easily be tripped over.
  • Make sure they can reach blinds and curtains easily as the light changes through the day.
  • That night lights are connected to timers to allow adequate light for easy access to the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Add large visible stickers to glass doors and windows.
  • That electrical cords are safely tucked away.
  • Medication and alcohol are secured safely for controlled distribution.
  • Doors and walkways are secured and locked for safety.
  • Regularly check food in the fridge i.e. out of date items.
  • Keep cleaning materials locked up.
  • Appliances and sharp objects, like knives are securely stored away.

I strongly advise my clients and their families to install a video monitored camera in their loved ones homes.  This gives peace of mind to all concerned and Carers should be advised that cameras are installed. They are not that expensive and can be linked to their family’s mobile phones.


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