What Is Cognitive Dementia

What Is Cognitive Dementia?

Many people ask what is Cognitive Dementia and what are the setbacks that a person can experience with this group of symptoms?

It’s such a confusing and often frightening experience, affecting your normally independent lifestyle and day to day living with a loss of freedom.

Likewise you find that sufferers often feel like they are putting an enormous strain on their family and also their friends. 

What are the facts surrounding cognitive dementia and are there different types and what are their causes? Actually there are types of cognitive dementia that are reversible.

  • It’s a loss of mental ability to think, reason and remember
  • The inability of being able to carry out day  to day activities
  • A diagnosis comes with loss of mental ability
  • After about six months of observation the doctor normally labels the diagnosis

Cognitive dementia occurs when various factors affect parts of the brain.

  • You will see changes in personality, mood and behaviour
  • This could be due  to an infection or the natural process of ageing

Signs of dementia might also include changes in mood, personality, and behaviour.

Various factors affect parts of the brain with Cognitive dementia.
For example:

  • They could struggle with words during a sentence.
  • Struggle with making simple decisions
  • Trouble with memory, like current or previous addresses
  • Learning a simple task like operating the kettle etc

Types of Cognitive Dementia

This depends on what part of the brain has been affected:

Cortical dementia – This is where there have been changes to the outer layers of the brain, known as the cerebral cortex and causes severe memory damage.  This obviously affects cognitive processes i.e. speech and memory.

Sub-cortical dementia is when the area beneath the cortex is affected. You may notice changes in their attention and also personality changes.

Causes of Cognitive Dementia

Alzheimer's disease is a very common cause, accounting for around 70 percent of all dementia.
Common causes of cognitive dementia include:

  • Aging
  • Severe Depression
  • Multiple strokes
  • Drug use
  • Fluid build-up in the brain due to injuries, infections etc

Cognitive Dementia estimates

A small percentage of people over 65 usually show signs of some form of dementia. But generally it develops in mostly elderly people i.e. 80 years and over.
Age-related cognitive dementia however, can begin as early as your mid thirties.  
It usually develops slowly and some people start to notice changes around their mid sixties i.e. like day-to-day activities start to become troublesome.

Can Cognitive Dementia Be Reversed?

If caused by disease or injury, it is more likely to be permanent. However ongoing research shows that this may not always be the case.
Interactive therapy and brain training could restore links, but there are Cognitive Dementia prevention

Furthermore it is believed that some cognitive dementia is preventable. One can make lifestyle changes in their diet and exercise, which could make a difference.

Above all it’s so important to keep using your brain to keep it active. Social clubs and outings and interaction is very important. Especially for those that can’t get out my ‘Interactive Sitting Service is a must’.

The games, puzzles etc in the ‘Helpful Aids to make your life easier’ section of my website are available for everyone pre and post dementia.  
Most noteworthy, any form of brain training will stand you in good stead in the future.

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Happy Caring, Margot.

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